15 Excellent Reasons to Study an Engineering Degree

15 Excellent Reasons to Study an Engineering Degree

Engineering is a very popular study choice for students from all nationalities.  Here are the biggest reasons why students are choosing to study engineering at colleges and universities all around the world.


1. Engineers enjoy high levels of job satisfaction

When ranked alongside professionals in other areas, engineers often come close to the highest in terms of happiness at work. This is most likely because engineers are often responsible for innovative and new designs that are making the world a better place. By feeling like their work is meaningful, engineers gain the satisfaction that comes from making a difference.


2. Engineers enjoy highly paid jobs

Engineers enjoy a starting salary that is one of the highest among the modern workforce. While the amount of money a person earns is not the most important part of job satisfaction, it certainly helps to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.


3. Engineers can choose from many different types of hob specialization

Students can choose from many areas of engineering. The most popular include: Chemical Engineering, Communications Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering.


4. Engineers can start work as soon as they graduate

Students who complete their undergraduate degree with strong grades will often find themselves employed by major corporations in entry-level positions. This has the advantage over other qualifications that often insist on postgraduate study and membership of other professional associations to ensure full-time employment.


5. Engineers often gain internships

It is common for recently graduated students to start with an internship at major engineering firms. While internships are mostly unpaid positions, they provide the graduate with excellent entry level skills in areas such as communication, teamwork as well as an understanding of the professional standards expected at work.  Furthermore, interns that perform strongly are often offered full-time positions at the end of their period of unpaid work.


6. Engineers can enjoy variety at work

Unlike some professional jobs that are highly specialized and repetitive, an engineering career offers a significant level of variety at work. For instance, engineering project usually last for a set period of time, such as six months to two years. This means that engineers are seldom stuck doing the same job function year after year.


7. Engineers are engaged in both theoretical and ‘hands on’ work

While engineers in different areas will require different skill sets, one of the most interesting points of engineering work is that involves both theory and practice in the daily work. While calculations and scientific concepts can be tested on computers, successful engineers have to see the world in a very practical way, meaning they will often have to test their innovations with the own hands and eyes.


8. Engineers have a strong professional reputation

Most people have a favorable opinion of engineers. This is because their level of technical knowledge and skill is respected, and they are recognised as valuable members of society. Therefore, in a social situation, if you say you are an engineer, more often than not you can expect a positive reaction from the person you are speaking with, and possibly a few questions about the specifics of what you actually do from day to day.

9. Engineering offers travel opportunities

While there are any differences in cultures and languages between people in different countries, the same basic science and mathematical principles apply to engineering solutions, regardless of where the company is located. This means skilled engineers will enjoy career opportunities that may allow them to travel around the world, both for study and work.


10. Engineers often work in world-class working conditions

Major engineering companies often have their headquarters in modern buildings in the city centers. This means that engineers often work in impressive work environments, with the best facilities and benefits.


11. The field of engineering of always changing and evolving

New discoveries and scientific advances flow though to the field of engineering soon after their discovery, which adds to the excitement and interest in engineering workplaces. In fact, keeping up with the latest advances can be challenging, and presents great opportunities for further learning and research.


12. Engineers can feel like they are changing the world for the better

Engineers are truly the professionals that are shaping our world. From Computer Engineers who design complex networks and systems to mechanical engineers who are designing robots for the modern world, it is engineers who can claim to be the ones who are designing the world of tomorrow.


13. Engineers can work with multi-disciplinary teams

Engineers will work with a large range of people in the workplace. Often they will work in project teams that report directly to the company CEO or CFO. In other cases they will work with scientists or business development specialists. In any case, engineers can develop large networks that can bring added job satisfaction and career opportunities.


14. Engineers can be employed by private companies as well as government departments

Because of the wide-ranging duties that engineering professionals perform, there are fantastic opportunities in both the private (company) and public (government) sectors. As a result, engineers can work in different environments, depending on their career goal and the type of work conditions they find interesting.


15. Engineers are supported by a range of professional associations

Because engineering is a rapidly changing profession, most branches of engineering have professional associations that provide up-to-date industry information that can help engineering graduates get jobs and take further training where required. For example, in Australia, graduates can access the support of Engineers Australia, while in the United States, they can contact American Engineering Association.

So that’s it, if you are interested in a fantastic career with great rewards and benefits, start by looking at the article Get Ready to Study Engineering.