ICT Training at NIT Helps Students Get Professional Jobs in Australia

ICT Training at NIT Helps Students Get Professional Jobs in Australia

ICT Training at NIT Australia is becoming popular in Perth with ICT Certificate, Diploma Courses and the specialist Professional Year Program on offer for ICT job seekers.

During the recent NIT Australia Open Day, I caught up with some of the team to experience for myself the campus that is gaining popularity for international students looking for an entry point to professional employment in Australia.

The exciting atmosphere at Perth’s NIT campus could be felt in their bright and colourful city campus, which features modern computer labs, networking labs and even a student lounge with a computer gaming console.

Importantly, the buzz was from the students and course trainers mingling with professionals from industry.

According to NIT’s Monica Yuen-Pecoraio, “Through the Open Day, we would like to motivate young students to choose ICT as a career option”. Clearly, there was plenty on offer to help support the goal of promoting ICT careers.

ICT Training at NIT Australia Includes Excellent Facilities

A career starts with quality training, so I was keen to speak to Sheavy, one of the ICT Trainers at the campus who was able to give some insights into the student experience.

“With new students we start from scratch, including lessons about algorithms and the flow of instructions. In many ways, for the new student it’s like learning to cook with a recipe with the steps you have to follow.”

“While starting with the basics in week 1, we introduce programming in week 2 and by week 10, we have advanced lessons that are building the practical skills that students need,” said Sheavy. “We cover Front End Development in areas such as HTLM, CSS, Java and Ajax as well as Back End areas including Databases, with PHP and MYSQL”.

When I asked Sheavy about the types of students that take the courses, she mentioned there were those that had ambitions with coding, others were more drawn to project management.

“In the project management area, it’s important that students can communicate with people in industry, so that they can explain how ICT projects can be delivered, and how much the projects will cost. In many ways this needs a different skill set from what is required by the programmers.”


Professional Year Program (PYP) at NIT Australia

One of the highlights of NIT Australia is their connection with industry and their ability to help students get job skills training, internships and the experience required for real jobs.

By enrolling in the Professional Year Program (PYP) NIT graduates have been able to gain employment immediately following their 10 – 12 week internship.

To find out more about their programme, I spoke to NIT’s Rita Cheng and Juliana Scalon about the PYP offering.

“As a professional partner with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) we are able to connect with companies and other organisations. This is important, because not all PYP providers have that partnership with the ACS”.

Of course, it’s all about students getting into industry, and it’s clear that Rita is passionate about her role as Internships Coordinator.

“Often it’s difficult to get professional positions within industry in Australia without knowing people and having connections in Australia,” says Rita. “So we invite industry professionals to conduct mock job interviews with our students during the course.”

“After the formal PYP business skills training has been completed, we help our trainees succeed on their internship, by helping them understand their strengths. For example, we give tailored career advice since each student is unique. We often find a student either has more strengths in the tech side so they can move into programming type roles, or in the business side so they move into project management type positions.”

When asked about student internships that have turned into real jobs, Rita provided some real success stories, “we have a recent intern who was offered a paid position at Fair Go Finance. There is also another intern who was offered a paid role at Insight.”

Connecting with ICT Professionals

It’s obvious that NIT Australia is a strong choice when it comes to choosing an Australian training provider that will help on the pathway to career goals, especially in the areas of ICT and Business.

With students hearing from speakers such as Alex Dunmow from Ninja Software, Jorge Coldham from Empired and Georgie Cooke from Sense Recruitment, the NIT team is staying true to their word by offering real insights to students.

In addition to the quality speeches, the NIT Open Day featured information on picking the right role for you in the tech sector and understanding the new ICT landscape in telecommunications. Also on offer was ‘Speed Friending’, ‘Tips on Job Winning Resumes’, a ‘Robotic Showcase’, a ‘Virtual Reality Demo’, a ‘Cisco Networking Showcase’ and an ‘Optical Fibre Showcase’.

What is it about ICT training at NIT Australia that makes it a great study choice? It’s their modern campus with excellent training facilities, their commitment to helping students identify their strengths and their close connections to industry.

It’s this winning combination that is certainly the key to helping students achieve their further study and career goals in Australia.