Top 5 Things I Wished I Knew Before Studying in Australia

Top 5 Things I Wished I Knew Before Studying in Australia

We recently caught up with Jane Tran, a Vietnamese student at Edith Cowan University who has been living and studying in Perth, Australia for a few years now.

 Jane admits she has found studying challenging. However, by approaching these difficulties with a smile and positive attitude she has been able to get a part-time job and successfully move into the degree program following her Pathway course.

ClickStudies asked Jane about what she wished she knew before starting her studies in Australia. Jane’s top 5 are as follows:

1. How can I find a part-time job?


2. What do the subjects and assignments look like? (Some knowledge would help me to not feel overwhelmed)


3. How difficult is it to pack for study abroad? In other words, what types of things should I prepare to bring before coming to Australia?


4. Which Australian state should I choose to study? Which school should I choose for study abroad?


5. What should I do on my first day in Perth? (Set up bank account, contact the university, get the public transport Smart Rider)


Below are some comments from Jane in Vietnamese:

Mình tên là Trân, hiện đang là học sinh năm cuối của trường đại học “Edith Cowan University”. Đối với Trân “Clickstudies” chính là kim chỉ nam giúp sinh viên quốc tế có được những thông tin hữu ích về trường học, các ngành học mà các bạn muốn theo đuổi,  cũng như là những định hướng sau khi tốt nghiệp phải làm gì để có thể có được một công việc tốt. Lý do mình chọn “Clickstudies” bởi vì cũng như các bạn sinh viên quốc tế khác, mình đã từng băn khoăn rằng Trân nên học gì? trường nào phù hợp, và sau khi tốt nghiệp mình sẽ tìm được việc hay không? Đó cũng là lý do Trân tìm đến với “Clickstudies”, bởi họ không chỉ giúp Trân tìm được một môi trường học tập tốt, mà còn giúp Trân tìm được hướng đi cho mình trong tương lai.    

Chúc “Clickstudies” ngày càng thành công hơn.


11 Powerful Strategies for Accounting Students

11 Powerful Strategies for Accounting Students

Students who major in accounting need to work very hard throughout their course. This is because in most accounting units, students need to learn complex accounting functions in a short amount of time, and then apply them to real world scenarios.

By following these 11 Powerful Strategies, you will give yourself the best chance to become a successful accounting student.

1. Pay special attention during the first week of class

Having a strong start to every accounting unit is the best way to begin. Some students may say that the first week of class is not such a big deal, however, this is definitely the wrong approach. Accounting units can be hard because they move through the concepts and materials so fast. Therefore, it is critical that you read everything you can to become familiar before the first week of class, and be ready to absorb all the information your new lecturer and tutors give you.


2. Always be prepared for your lectures and tutorials

Do not wait until the teaching begins to know what is happening in class. Most university accounting courses are too fast for that. Instead you need to be actively prepared for each class. Make sure you study in advance of class so you are fully prepared for the new information that arises during class discussions and activities.


3. Attend every single class, no matter what

Accounting requires students to learn new skills that are taught in a specific order. In other words, each of the skills will build upon the previous skills. Keep in mind that this is different from other study areas, such as management, where it is not essential to teach units in a strict order. Therefore, when studying accounting, you simply cannot afford to miss a single class. Otherwise, you will start to panic and be left behind your classmates who will fly straight past you.


4. Always read the scenario and question very carefully

Accountants need very strong skills when it comes to attention to detail.  The ability to read carefully is therefore tested thoroughly during an accounting degree. Therefore, make sure you are clear on what the question is asking you to do before jumping in with your solution. Does the question require analysis of a report? If so read very carefully the details of what you need to produce. Otherwise, you may be leaving easy marks out of your final grade.


5. Use critical thinking skills when you get stuck on an accounting problem

In the real world, accountants will often face situation where they need to come up with innovative solutions. In other words, they will need to ‘think outside of the box’. This requires critical thinking skills, so make sure you think carefully for yourself before automatically looking up the answer.


6. Always ask questions in class when you don’t understand

While you should use critical thinking by yourself, class time is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions. Keep in mind that students will have different areas of weakness in accounting, so questions that you have may not be asked by other students. Remember, you are paying for this accounting course, so get the maximum value for money by asking questions of the lecturer or tutor.


7. Keep trying until you reach that ‘aha moment’

For many students, accounting is the type of subject where concepts can be tricky, until an ‘aha’ moment is reached. In other words, you may find yourself struggling until you have an overwhelming moment of clarity. This magical moment may happen when you least expect it, like when you are driving to college or when you are eating dinner. Suddenly it makes perfect sense. And when it does, you will experience a feeling of flow and control which will be very rewarding. So even if you asre uncertain of what you are learning, keep going because you never know when an ‘aha’ moment will arrive.


8. Get a personal accounting tutor if you require serious help

Sometimes accounting concepts just don’t come as easily as you want them to. If this is the case, consider getting a private tutor, who has experience in teaching the type of unit you are struggling with. You may find you only need three or four sessions with an expert in a one-to-one situation to get to the point you need to experience success. If you are really struggling you may need a personal tutor for the whole term. However, if you are still completely lost you may need to consider whether or not accounting is the right fit for your personal skill set.


9. Always ask your tutor for feedback

Often students are so concerned with the final score they receive on a particular assessment or test that they don’t ask for specific feedback on where they went wrong. This is an opportunity wasted. Make sure you are clear on the errors you made and make sure you don’t repeat them. This is what learning is all about.


10. Always submit your work on time

Never wait until the deadline before submitting work. Be organised with strong time management skills so that you are prepared to submit your work at least 24 hours ahead of the deadline. This will give you the feeling of being organised and in control, which is exactly what a good accountant should be in the commercial world.


11. Prepare thoroughly for exams

Most units will offer previous exam papers as a way to review the subject matter. Make sure you do as many of these questions as you can, ahead of time. This will give you the extra time you need to revise concepts that you didn’t quite grasp the first time.


So that’s it. By following these 11 Powerful Strategies you will give yourself the best chance to succeed in your accounting courses.

Do not waste your opportunity for a great education. Embrace the hard work and before you know it you will reaping the rewards of high grades and the confidence that comes with being a top accounting student.

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ClickStudies is the platform that allows you, the student, to gain the information you need to help you make a great choice when it comes to where you study and what you study.

As we know, education is the tool that can make the greatest difference to a person’s life. If you are looking for the next stage of your education, here are a few quotes to inspire you along your journey:

“Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself” (John Dewey)

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” (Kofi Annan)

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” (Benjamin Franklin)

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