Study In Ireland

Ireland offers great opportunities to study in a friendly and lively European country that speaks English

Study in Ireland

Ireland is a fast-growing country that welcomes more international students every year. One of the reasons for Ireland’s popularity is because it is an English-speaking country that is part of the European Union. It also has a strong history of world-class education, with some of its universities that receive high levels of funding from the Irish government.

Trinity College in Dublin, also referred to as the University of Dublin, is one of the world’s oldest universities. It was founded in 1592 and despite its long history, it continues to be relevant in the 21st century with its wide range of courses in the areas of Mathematics, Engineering, Arts and Business.

As well as Universities, international students can study at English Language Colleges, Institutes of Technology and NUI Colleges.


Key Facts about Study in Ireland

  • Over 30,000 international students now study in Ireland, with that number increasing each year
  • Students can choose from over 5000 qualifications that are offered by Irish educational providers and recognized internationally
  • Ireland receives over USD 500 million every year in research investment every year from the Irish government.

About Ireland

Ireland has a small population of close to seven million people, with Dublin being the largest city. The country has a proud cultural history that can be traced back thousands of years.

Ireland is a country famous for friendly people who have a proud history of storytelling, songs and poetry.

Modern Ireland has grown into a modern cultural and technological progressive country that offers good prospects to its people and plenty of colorful experiences to visitors.

With many major multinational corporations choosing to make Ireland their European headquarters, there are excellent opportunities for graduates to gain work at some of the biggest and best companies in the world.


Cost of Studying in Ireland

Costs of living and studying in Ireland vary depending on location. Students living in the centers of Dublin and Cork can expect to pay significantly more than others who live in the smaller towns.

The following costs for Ireland are approximate:

  • Accommodation costs – USD 1000 – 2000 / month
  • Living expenses – USD 500 – 800 / month
  • Tuition fees – International students can expect to pay approximately USD 20,000 per year university education in Ireland.


Student Visa for Ireland

Citizens of the European Union can study in Ireland without the need for a student visa. International students from outside the EU will need to seek up-to-date about visa applications from the Education in Ireland website.