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ClickStudies is a study comparison platform that helps international students select their course and education provider

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Common Questions

Can I change my plan later on?

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. 


What are the main benefits for students visiting ClickStudies?

ClickStudies publishes English language educational content and self-assessments for students wishing to study overseas. We also help students gain a deeper understanding of the major they can choose before they leave their country. In addition we provide information about specific education institutions and courses. In this way, we are focussed on helping the student with their pathway to international study.


How closely does ClickStudies work with education partners?

We are very responsive to the needs of education institutions. Therefore, if you have a specific course or event that you wish to promote, we are able to dedicate extra resources to that promotion to make it a success. We always aim to please.


Who is part of the ClickStudies team?

All ClickStudies team members have experience in international education. This includes experience with studying abroad, marketing, English language teaching, IELTS test preparation and lecturing. Our team understands the international education industry and have extensively researched the needs of international students when designing this platform. 

How is the order of listings decided?

For each market location, listings are provided in order of institution category, then by length of time that the institution has been promoting their services on Therefore, the earlier you join, the higher your listings will appear in your education category. 


What actions do students take on the institution pages?

You can tell us if you would like student leads sent directly to your dedicated landing page, or forwarded to our recommended education consultants. In most cases, education institutions will have a ClickStudies page that offers both direct links to the institution and a link to the education expert who will work with relevent education consultants. 


ClickStudies is currently not as big as other marketplaces. Is it worth it?

ClickStudies is growing its organic traffic numbers each month and will be engaged in paid promotions over time. We provide high-quality information about our education partners that will give valuable insights to assist student decision dcisions. Also, by getting involved with ClickStudies from the outset, you will not be competing for attention with a large number of other educaiton institutions on the platform.

Success Story – NIT Australia

NIT Australia on

NIT Australia is an innovative Registered Training Organisation in Perth, Western Australia. They are currently promoting their ICT, Business and Professional Year Program courses via a dedicated institution page and social media mentions. 

At the recent NIT Open Day, a ClickStudies writer was able to attend the event in person and create a dedicated post higlighting the benefits of this event for students. In promoting this event, the blog article has been able to raise NIT Australia’s profile and lift SEO visability with dedicated backlinks to the NIT platform.

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