Virtual Summit 2020 Study in Western Australia

May 28, 29 & 30 | Online Event


Join 24 expert speakers as they discuss why, where, what and how to study as an international student in Perth, Western Australia.

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About the Virtual Summit

The virtual summit is a chance to hear from expert speakers on important issues for international students.

Day 1 – Welcome to Perth & Western Australia

Day 2 – Choosing What Course to Study

Day 3 – Essential Services for New Students

If you are interested in studying in Western Australia as a student, you can find out the best courses to study, the way to apply to be a student and the extra information you need to be successful.

The best thing is you can get this information from the summit before you leave your country.

Day 1 – Welcome to WA

May 28, 2020

Day 1 Session 1
Keynote – Welcome to the Virtual Summit

With Charles Smith from XYZ Pty Ltd


Our keynote speaker introduces the virtual summit and explains what you can expect over the next three days.

Day 1 Session 2
7 Benefits of Choosing WA for Study

With Clarissa Mason & Current Students

Hear from current speakers about the top 7 benefits of choosing WA as your study destination.

Day 1 Session 3
Perth Study Options

With Sam Davies

Perth is home to five leading universities and numerous vocational training colleges that welcome international students.

Day 1 Session 4
Regional WA Study Options

With Janet Thompson

Regional WA offers fantastic career advancement opportunities and great exposure to the mining industries.

Day 1 Session 5
Weather and Lifestyle in WA

With Brian Cameron

Western Australia enjoys endless sunshine and healthy outdoor living opportunities for people of all ages.

Day 1 Session 6
Places to see and visit in Perth and WA

With Anne Miller 

Get a feeling for the places of interest around the beautiful city of Perth and beyond.

Day 1 Session 7
Checklist for your first seven days in Australia

 With Guy Thompson

Make sure you know what to do as soon as you arrive by following our expert suggestions.

Day 1 Session 8
WA Economy and Growth Potential

With Emma Westlake

Learn about the amazing economic opportunities that lie ahead for current and future residents of WA.


Meet A Few Of Our Speakers

Leah Lewis
Leah Lewis

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Leonard Larson
Leonard Larson

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Ruth Leonard
Ruth Leonard

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Susie Vaughn
Susie Vaughn

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Want to Speak at this Summit or at a Future Education Summit?
Connor Kim
Connor Kim

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Eleanor Higgins
Eleanor Higgins

Marketing Head, Microsoft

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