Study an Online Course

With the rise of online courses, there are many options for students to gain a world class education from anywhere.

Study Online Benefits

Students who study online can benefit from the convenience of studying from anywhere with an internet connection 24/7. In particular, people with busy work lives often choose to study online to take advantage of this flexibility.

Some subjects are more suited to study online than others. For example, business can be studied online, using video instruction, online quizzes and practical activities involving groups who may contribute to an online blog or wiki.

English is another subject that is good to study online. Students can watch videos, listen to audio files and practice their skills in an online environment.

On the other hand, some subjects such as Health Care are more suited to face-to-face learning. This is because it is useful to spend time learning the skills of patient care and understanding how to use equipment in a real-world setting.


Short Online Courses

If you are interested in learning a specific skill, you may be interested in taking an online course. These are non-accredited short courses that can last from one week to six months.

One of the best places to look for online short courses is


Mass Open Online Courses (MOOCS)

There is a growing trend for students to take one unit of study from a major university online. These online courses are known as MOOCs. Examples of popular MOOC providers include EdX, Coursera and Future Learn.


Online MBA Courses

MBA courses are popular to study online. In fact, many professional workers who are time poor find this an excellent choice. One of the most popular online MBA courses is the Agile MBA.

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