Improve Your Academic English Skills

In many cases, international students will need to study academic English courses before entering college and university courses. This is because they will need to understand academic English to be successful.

Academic English courses help students to develop the vocabulary and language structures that are needed for academic success.

While General English focuses on the type of English used in everyday daily situations, academic English is much more targeted for college and university courses.

Academic English Course Content

  • understanding essay and report questions
  • researching skills using university databases, libraries and Google Scholar
  • paraphrasing skills
  • referencing academic work
  • essay structures
  • report structures
  • critical thinking skills
  • presentation skills
  • academic vocabulary
  • common academic grammar structures

Students who wish to study academic English courses should have pre-intermediate English skills or above, as these courses are generally taught at a level of approximately IELTS 4 – IELTS 6.

Academic English courses may also be taught at higher levels when students take postgraduate courses.