Communications Pathway Courses

Communications Pathway Courses help students gain the basic business knowledge and skills that will prepare them for further study at college and university courses.

Students usually graduate from a Communications Pathway Course with a Diploma in one year. After graduation from a Communications Pathway Course, students can enter the second year of the college or university degree program.


Areas of study in the Communications Pathway Courses

The creative industries are a fast-growing part of modern economies. With the development of digital technologies and the internet, the opportunities for strong careers in creativity have never been better.

Some of the leading creative industries include:

  • Film and television production
  • Music performance and production
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Media and public relations
  • Online gaming
  • Software design
  • App development
  • Journalism
  • Visual arts
  • Creative tourism

By studying a Pathways qualification, such as a Diploma of Communications, students will gain an understanding of the important issues around these industries and be able to choose the area that suits them best for their major.

Some education providers that follow a trimester structure will have the advantage of letting students complete the course in less than one year.

Depending on the Pathway, students may enter the following university courses after graduation in the Creative Industries.

Structure of Pathway Courses

An education pathway can lead from high school in the student’s home country, through Academic English, to the Pathway Communications Course and then directly to the second year of the university course. It is illustrated as follows:

Pathway courses are very popular in higher education because they help students move to the next level of study.

Pathways often build skills in Academic English, as well as the important skills of researching, referencing and writing essays and reports.

Some Pathway courses allow students to take an intensive course that is the same as a first-year university course.


Pathway Course Advantages

The advantages of choosing a pathway course include:

  • Start with lower entry requirements that normal college courses
  • Build English language skills
  • Build academic skills such as researching, referencing and essay writing
  • Small class sizes allow for extra student care
  • Teachers with skills in teaching students from different backgrounds
  • Intensive courses allow students to progress faster