Study General English

International students often study general English to often begin their international studies. This is because General English courses provide students with the important English skills needed to successfully communicate in English in most situations.

Lessons give students plenty of practice with the daily English needed for meeting people, getting a job and living in an English-speaking country.

General English Course Content

On day one, most English language colleges will give students a quick speaking and writing test. This test helps to place students in one of the following levels:

  1. Beginner (approx. IELTS 2)
  2. Elementary
  3. Pre-Intermediate
  4. Intermediate
  5. Upper Intermediate
  6. Advanced

Students will spend approximately 12 weeks at each level. During this time, they will be required to spend up to 24 hours in class to meet the visa requirement of the destination country.

Once a student has completed a level (eg. Elementary), he or she will progress to the next level (eg. Pre-Intermediate).

General English classes include a combination of the following skills:

  • reading
  • writing
  • listening
  • speaking
  • grammar
  • vocabulary

International students often improve their English skills quickly in General English classes, as they are expected to spend time speaking to other students in class and focusing on important grammar and language points.

When the student gets to the intermediate or upper-intermediate level, he or she can start looking at the next stage of the pathway, such as IELTS test preparation or academic entry to a pathway diploma, college, or university program.

If you choose to study general English, you will have English language skills that will last you a lifetime.